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Structural Engineering

You needed it yesterday, but it's changed again...  The Construction industry is all about time and change.  It's a raging torrent of situations to rectify.  You need a team engineer who can keep up.  We know about construction and its constraints.

Architects want structures that won't get in the way, but will make their visions soar.  Contractors want the process to be smooth, swift, and without interruptions.  Owner's want economy and responsiveness.  Suppliers and subcontractors want enough information to get it right the first time.  With so many goals, sometimes conflicting goals, your engineer needs to be knowledgeable and flexible.

Yet, in the midst of this flurry, the bones of a building must be strong, enduring, and reliable.  Your structural engineer brings those two worlds together.

R o g e r s      L a P a n


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  • Structural Steel
  • Design-Build
  • Tilt-up Concrete Panels
  • Lateral Load Analysis and Bracing
  • Shallow and Deep Foundations
  • Renovation and Repair
  • Masonry
  • Retaining Walls
  • Building Code Review
  • Commercial Wood Framing
  • Truss Modifications
  • Light-guage Steel Framing