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You might have a million ideas floating through your head and invading your dreams.  You might only know that something needs to change.  You could even be thinking, "How will I stay in the place I love given my situation?"  You just can't begin to think about moving...

But then frustration and doubt seep in.  Your project seems "too small" for a design professional.  You might think it's not worth the time or money you will spend.  Like so many people, you call a builder.  Does the builder understand what you are saying?  Can your contractor translate vague ideas and problems into 3-dimensional solutions?

Given the cost and complexity of construction, designers provide the knowledge and guidance required to make wise decisions and get the most out of your money and effort.

R o g e r s      L a P a n


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  • Universal Design
  • Wheelchair Accessible Design
  • ADA Consulting
  • Green Building Design
  • Sustainability
  • Master Planning
  • Historic Preservation
  • Residential Makeovers
  • Home Additions
  • Bath and Kitchen Remodeling
  • Construction Dilemma Advice
  • Creative Solutions